We’ll be updating this site when we get an opportunity to do so. This will sometimes be blog posts when we find the time and inclination, and sometimes Instagram photos. You’ll also find a link to our predictwind tracking page, where you’ll be able to follow us in realtime (provided the technology behaves itself!).


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Today marks the end of ten days in Niue, and what a perfect ending! Clear blue sky, light winds, and the sight we’ve kept our eyes open for the whole time – a humpback whale circling round the bay we are moored in. For such a small island, Niue has provided us with no end … Continue reading Niue


It was a tough call deciding whether to go to Palmerston island. There’s little protection anywhere between there and northern Tonga, so time there could have meant less time in Niue, or worse, getting caught in a bad weather system with nowhere to hide. However, Craig (with the help of Bob Mcdavitt) decided that we … Continue reading Palmerston

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